Cultivating Mindful Awareness - Transforming Depression and Anxiety | Befriending Emotions

Lee Lipp, Ph.D.

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Hello…this is Lee...

Welcome! A key to the “still place” doorway is waiting for you.

Finding the key is simple-- using it takes practice. Here are some details that you might be interested to know before you enter any further.

What’s offered here is for everyone, whether you have difficulty with depression and/or anxiety or simply want to understand the nature of mind and emotions better. Everyone feels depressed or highly anxious and has highly emotional or overwhelming experiences from time to time. Some of us experience these painful states for such a long time that our minds and emotions feel out of control much of the time. Or we feel better for a while and then the states of mind that can lead to chronic unhappiness appear to keep repeating themselves. We feel caught in mental habit patterns and believe that we can’t escape them, “This is just how I am!” Hmmm….let’s pause for a moment and examine this long held belief.

First Some Good News!!

We can:

  • be released from the stories that we and others have told us about ourselves
  • learn new skills that lead to negative thoughts and self criticism untangling themselves
  • learn to be with emotional pain and distress with strength and courage
  • cultivate self-confidence and self esteem as we practice with new tools
  • learn to offer ourselves and others compassion and acceptance
  • feel better and more fully able to engage with our lives with self-empathy and joy

And Now More Good News!!

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